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Wild West Trip Part 6

Arches National Park
Yay! Arches National Park!

Arches National Park

This morning Jamey woke up sick. The altitude, desert heat and long day yesterday finally caught up with him. I wasn’t feeling well either, but he was really sick. I thought we should just stay at the camper and rest in hopes that by doing that now, we could just pick back up tomorrow with our plans. He insisted we go on and try, so he took some sinus medicine and off we went.

I let my brother know that we would probably end up going back to the campground early and they could just go on without us. Steve and Teresa were planning to join us at the park later. So we split up planning to just each see what we could for the day.

Jamey ended up feeling better, thanks to the sinus medicine. Right around the time he was feeling better, Steve and Teresa made it to the park wanting to meet up with everyone for our picnic lunch. We continued on from there, exploring as much of the park as we could. We still had one more day planned for Arches National Park so we were saving the hikes for day two.

Arches National Park lives up to its name! Here is more information about the park:

There are lots of hikes to choose from here! My favorite place to explore was this area where you walked through a narrow place between the rocks. The area had an arch, places for kids to easily climb rocks and a shady place to play in the sand. Lots of families were there with picnic blankets, sand pails, and shovels. It would be a great place to spend a whole day if you had time!

I believe Arches National Park is one of those places you could visit multiple times and still not see everything. Most of the places we went today were easily accessible. The sheer number of arches and rock formations made this an experience of a lifetime!

Two more full days  in Moab and then we head home!

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