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Fabulous Antiques

Erwin’s Grocery

Finding Time

This lovely little store is located on Highway 58 just before you turn onto our road. They haven’t had consistent hours since Covid began so it has been a curiosity to me. I have passed it hundreds of times but never had time to stop when it was open. We had a minute free last week and saw that the OPEN sign was out so we stopped to check it out.

Defining Antiques

Many times I have entered an antique store only to find that it is filled with someone else’s discarded furniture and decor. This is not one of those places!

I was delighted to find this little slice of Pinterest inspired heaven right down the street! The owner’s, Ginger and Brittany met us with the small town welcome we are met with wherever we go in Decatur, TN. Ginger has some beautiful pieces in excellent condition. One side of the old grocery is dedicated to her furniture and decor, while the other is dedicated to Brittany’s boutique clothing and monogramming.

Farmhouse Style

I love old tables, buffets and dressers! One of the very first project Jamey and I worked on together was restoring an old Hoosier Cabinet. In the last house we built, we took an old washstand and made a bathroom vanity for our powder room. Later, we turned an old dresser into a vanity for our bathroom suite. Thankfully my husband goes along with my crazy ideas!

New, Old Projects

We measured some pieces we thought might work for Jamey’s Tiny Home Office bathroom. We are still working on the finishing touches in his office. Thankfully, this beautiful piece will fit perfectly!

Future Bathroom Vanity for Jamey’s Tiny Home Office

And this beauty will become a bathroom vanity for our guest bathroom in the farmhouse!

Future Guest Bathroom Vanity

Embracing Your Style

I used to try to keep up with the latest house trends. It worked well when we were building houses to sell. For our own personal house, I have learned to embrace the styles I love. It doesn’t pay to do things the way everyone expects you to do them. Just embrace your style! The designs I’ve taken the biggest risks on are the one’s I’ve loved most!

Come Visit “Bessie’s House & Sweet Stiches”

Take a drive to visit this cute store and be sure to tell them Monica sent you! The address is 6672-6722 SR-58, Decatur TN 37322.

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