Sanctuary Ridge Adventures in Farming

“Crew” and The Farm

Almost 7 weeks old!

Farm Dogs

Every farm needs a farm dog! I’ve researched many livestock guardian breeds from Anatolian Shepherds to Australian Shepherds and everything in between. Since we have confirmed coyotes on our property, I felt it was time to add our own farm dog. I really liked what I read about the Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd mix for several reasons.

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

These family friendly livestock guardians will protect everything on the farm with proper training! Even the family cat will find a friend in this fierce protector. This breed can reach 29” tall and weigh up to 150 pounds.

Check out this link for more information:

Great Pyrenees Dogs

The Great Pyrenees dog is a familiar breed in our area- almost every farm around has a Great Pyrenees. One draw back to this breed is that they wander. This dog will literally learn to walk the borders of the property every morning and evening. Their “home” range can be up to 2 miles, so if your property is less than two miles, the dog is likely to roam into your neighbors property.

This breed is also a fierce protector of their livestock and farm family! One major difference between this breed and the Anatolian Shepherd is that Great Pyrenees are very affectionate dogs.

Read more about the Great Pyrenees breed here:

Mixed Breed Dogs

I am a fan of mixed-breed dogs. One benefit is that usually you get the best of both breeds. When researching these two dog breeds, I found multiple farmers commenting that when these two particular livestock guardian dogs are bred, the result is less roaming and a friendlier pup.

For this reason, I decided to add a Great Pyrenees/ Anatolian Shepherd mix dog to our farm.

Meet “Crew”

We picked Crew up about two hours from our farm. He was already living with Goats, Cows, and chickens so I’m hoping he will do really well with all of our animals. So far, he is a normal, playful pup but he also seems to understand when the chickens, cats or goats have had enough of his playing one antics.

As the main caretaker of all our animals, I have to make sure Crew is being trained by me as well. With such a large breed dog, it is vitally important that he learn commands to sit, stay, come, ect. So that if he gets out of hand I can regain control. This is a whole new learning experience for me since we have two dogs inside that I have spoiled rotten. Leaving the pup outside in the barn at night made me feel guilty at first, but it is necessary for him to bond with his herd so he is compelled to protect them.

Although these pups are irresistibly fluffy and affectionate, they absolutely NEED to be outside. They were bred for a reason, for a purpose and they need a job or they will absolutely be a menace. This is why you rarely see them as only a pet.

“Crew” has been part of our farm family for almost four weeks now and he’s already grown so much! He is going to be a BIG boy! He has bonded with all of us, including our other dogs and all the animals on the farm. Even the cats like Crew and tolerate his playful pawing at them.

Crew loves attention more than anything. He grunts happily and leans against you for extra attention. When I’m out working, he follows me everywhere and interacts with the other animals as I go about the daily chores of feeding, ect. We are excited to see how he progresses in his training since he already knows the commands for sit, stay and come.


A Huge Commitment

As you can see, I spent a lot of time researching and planning this new addition to our farm. I even picked the “perfect time”, when I would be home over Christmas break, so that I could devote as much time as possible to training this sweet puppy. That’s why it was so hard for me to admit that this was a Huge mistake. Ultimately, I am responsible for all of the animals here. Everyone is willing to help some when needed, but the bulk of the responsibility for these animals is on me.

The reality of how much I fell in love with this sweet puppy is not to be lost in the reality of knowing this was a mistake. Crew was so attached to me, he followed me everywhere. But he was also a puppy in all the normal puppy mischief. That’s really not something I can deal with right now. I have so many commitments, I quickly realized that there was no way I could properly train Crew. This is a two year commitment with a livestock guardian dog, and I realized that I had to do something soon. In fact, admitting it and doing something about it was a very hard thing for me to do, but it ultimately led to Crew being adopted by a family who is familiar with farm dogs and their requirements. Thankfully, I had so many people interested in adopting him that I could carefully choose a family who had a large cattle farm, chickens and even small children to keep Crew busy. I cried when he left and I still miss him when I go out to do chores and he isn’t there. Crew’s new family have been so kind, sending me updates and even some video of Crew playing with their one year old daughter.

This sweet boy will always have a place in my heart…

Sanctuary Ridge Adventures in Camping

Victoria Campground, Georgia

Campfire at sunset on Lake Alatoona

Victoria Campground, GA

If you are looking for a great place to camp, this is it! This quaint little campground is near Woodstock, just north of Atlanta, Georgia. Most of the large sites are wooded and many of them are lakefront with beautiful views. Since my husband works near there a lot, this is our go-to place to camp when he has to be there for an extended period of time. The park is in great proximity to so many different activities in the area!

This park offers a lake swimming area, clean bath houses, and a playground. It is a wonderful spot to kayak too! Take an evening stroll around the campground and you are guaranteed to see some local wildlife! There are so many white tail deer!

For more information on park amenities, or to reserve a site, visit

Sunset over the Lake

Sight-seeing and Dining!

Just a short drive away, you will find fabulous Cajun Cuisine. Henry’s Louisiana Grill is located in the historic Downtown Acworth, Ga. The large, historic brick building beckons you with the aroma of delicious Cajun spices wafting through the downtown atmosphere. Featured on Atlanta Eats, this restaurant has won too many awards to list! Make sure to reserve for dinner because usually a line extends down the sidewalk to eat here. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is family friendly too! Visit for more information.

If shopping is on your to-do list, this area will not disappoint! I usually don’t like to go shopping, but the outlet mall in Woodstock is one of my favorites. Check out their website for directions and more information

Only 40 minutes from The Atlanta Zoo, IKEA, Six Flags Whitewater Park, and so much more, this is a great hopping-off point where you can relax and enjoy nature so close to the big city attractions.

Check it Out!

So, what are you waiting for? Take your family on a great adventure this weekend! There are memories just waiting to be made!

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Sanctuary Ridge Adventures in Camping

The Virginia Creeper Trail

Old Barns along the Virginia Creeper Trail

What is the Virginia Creeper Trail?

The Virginia Creeper Trail is a National Recreation Trail located between Abingdon, Virginia and Whitetop Station. The 34 mile rail-trail begins at Whitetop Station, part of the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area. The best way to ride the trail is from the top of the mountain down to Damascus, Virginia. This section of the trail is around 17 miles long. You must schedule a shuttle to carry your bikes to the top where you will unload and coast at 5% grade back to the city of Damascus. Most of the trail is downhill! With no stopping along the way, it only takes 3-4 hours to ride this section. There are so many beautiful places to stop along the way, including an old train station! Picnic areas, rolling farmland, trestle bridges and gorgeous streams grace the views along the trail. It is quite the adventure!

Tips to take Along the Trail

I highly recommend taking a good camera, lots of water, as well as snacks! If you are renting bikes from a local shop, they provide assistance if you have a flat along the way. If you are taking your own bike, take a tire pump and repair kit. Seventeen miles is a long way if you have any issues with your bike. You will want a comfy bike seat! I also recommend taking a first aid kit! On our first ride down the trail, my then 5 year old crashed only 3 miles into the ride. Thankfully he only scraped his knee! The trail is not dangerous unless you aren’t watching the people riding in front of you and they stop to take in the beautiful sight!

One additional recommendation is check the temperatures! In Fall and Spring- sometimes even in early Summer, it is quite cold at the top of the trail. You will need winter gloves for your hands, a wind breaker, and something to cover your ears if it is cold. We carried backpacks to put our gloves and things away when it warmed up outside. Backpacks are also great for carrying drinks, snack, and the first aid kit!

Take breaks and stop to enjoy the moment! There are wonderful places to stop along the way to skip rocks, listen to the babbling brook, and get some great family photos! I hope you will go visit this truly amazing place! It is such a great adventure!

The Historic Green Cove Train Station

Don’t miss stopping at the historic train station! Inside you will find an old store and even an old U.S. Post Office.

It’s easy to imagine what it was like back in the days when the train chugged it’s way through the mountains of Virginia as you ride along the trail!

Places to Stay

We stayed at the last time we traveled to Damascus, Virginia. It was a lovely spot, right on the creek. We did not spend much time at the campsite because we were only there for one full day, which is when we rode the trail. It was very convenient- within walking or bike riding distance to restaurants and the bike shuttle services.

There are other places to stay if camping is not your thing! Check out this website for more information on the area:

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Sanctuary Ridge Adventures in Camping

Grove City Tour Part 4

Simple Life Amish Tours

When I realized we were in Amish country, I was secretly giddy with excitement! I love reading about the Amish and their simple ways of life. Their devotion to faith and family are truly admirable. They work so hard. If you’ve ever worked a long hard day in the summer heat, you know how it feels to do a good days work. I admire that and so many other things about the Amish community. So I spent a little time investigating the options in the Grove City area and came across the Simple Life Tours and promptly booked a tour for Friday morning.

Although my sister in law grew up here, among the 10th largest Amish community in the United States, she had never taken a tour or visited the shops we discovered on our tour. We weren’t really sure that the kids would like it, but the tour guide Susie was so incredibly engaging that even the kids had a great time! It was such a pleasure to have Susie share her wealth of knowledge about the local community.

Volant, PA

We began our tour in Volant, PA where we headed to New Wilmington. These towns are so small that they really run together. One farm after another line these small streets with covered bridges. Colorful laundry hangs out to dry on the clothes line until a young girl brings it in to fold, once the breeze has completed the task of drying the clothes. No one has electricity. And no one is allowed to have a bathroom (outhouse) inside the house. Just recently they have allowed the outhouse to be attached with a covered walkway. The Amish are superstitious about many things: drains inside your home, having a photo taken, no faces on their dolls (no graven images), and the list goes on.

Banks Covered Bridge

This beautiful bridge was one of our first stops. This bridge was built in 1889 and restored in 1999. The craftsmanship of the bridge was absolutely stunning!

Local Amish Farms

The next part of the tour was a lovely drive through the countryside to see the oats in the fields, community telephone booths on the roadside, which led to our first stop where we purchased corn from a new farmer. The family had picked 500 dozen ears of corn! We grilled some with our lunch when we got back and it was so delicious!

You would never know that these are Amish stores! Just a little sign by the driveway indicates that there is something for sale. All of the “stores” we visited were in the basement of their home except the wood workshop. It was a stand alone shop. We visited it on our return trip on Saturday.

Amish School

The teacher at this little community school is 16 year old Emma.  She has 37 students! She was at the school, probably cleaning in preparation for class to begin again. It’s a one room schoolhouse where the children learn reading, writing, math, and English as a second language. At the age of 15, the boys begin training in the trade they choose, usually whatever their father does. They aren’t strict about it though. With such big families, it is likely that at least one will follow in their father’s footsteps. The girls begin training in housekeeping, gardening, cooking, canning and quilting. They must learn all the skills they will need to have a family of their own. In this area, they usually aren’t wed until age 20-21.


Amish Donuts

In winter they cook over a fire and in summer they use propane to cook with. Here are some outside fryers used to cook the amazing Amish Donuts:

These donuts were enormous! So fresh and perfectly delicious! As you can see, we all enjoyed one immediately. We did take some back to the guys, since they were still home working on the kitchen remodel. The sweet ladies here had pies, cookies, jams, jellies, and even some fresh fruit for sale. Want to guess how much one of those huge donuts cost? $1.50- can you believe it!!!

Our last stop with Susie was the quaint little quilt shop. It is located along one of the main roads, and is well marked for an Amish store. They had quilts, birdhouses, and a variety of other handmade wares inside!

Simple Life Tour Review

Susie was an absolute joy! She shared such valuable information about the history of the Amish, about their lifestyle, and faith. You can tell she has a close relationship with the people of the community. An awesome thing about this tour is that it provides an open door for Susie to share her faith in Jesus with everyone who takes her tour. She exudes the love of Jesus in her words and actions and interactions with those in the Amish community in such a beautiful way. I highly recommend this tour. Susie was professional and we truly enjoyed every minute!

Amish Tour Take 2

Well, after we told the guys all about the wonderful time we had on the Amish Tour, they insisted that we take them on Saturday! We traveled back through Volant and into New Wilmington to Banks Covered Bridge, the grocery store, bakery and this time we visited the Furniture shop. The furniture shop was so impressive! Rudy makes beautiful tables, benches, futons, chairs, and pretty much anything you ask him to make. He supplies some of the local stores in Grove City where his pieces are a prized purchase for many buyers. Here are some pictures from our 2nd day in Amish Country New Wilmington.

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Sanctuary Ridge Adventures in Camping

Grove City Tour Part 2

The Rainbow Bridge at Grove City College is a popular place for wedding photos.

Grove City, Pennsylvania is located just 60 miles north of Pittsburg and 75 miles south of Eerie. It’s a small borough in Mercer County. Jamey’s brother moved here a couple of years ago, but this is our first time to visit this lovely little town! Our family usually comes to stay with us in Tennessee, but this summer we decided to make the trip here. Jamey and his brother are remodeling the kitchen while my sister in law and the kids are exploring Grove City.

First of all, let me say this is the cutest little town! Truly, an iconic American town with houses lining sidewalk streets. Gangs of adorable kids riding their bikes and neighbors greeting each other. It’s something reminiscent of an old movie. Picket fences and back alley driveways. Walking on foot to the local park or restaurant for a quick bite to eat. There is even a one screen movie theater within walking distance! Thursdays, there is a farmers market too. Businesses that have been around for generations. It’s hard not to fall in love with this quaint little city!

Our first day in Grove City, Romni gave us a walking tour of the town. We strolled along the streets of downtown as she gave us the history of each store. The school of dance has been going strong since 1937! We ended our tour with a walk through Grove City College Park. There is a nice trail that meanders along the creek where Rainbow Bridge crosses. You can continue on the trail to a swing overlooking the creek and maybe you will even spot the tree where local lovers carved their initials many years ago.

On our second day, we headed to Slippery Rock, PA to see McConnells Mill State Park. Here is the link for more information The rain chance was only 20% but if you know me, I seem to attract the rain whenever we have outdoor adventures planned…

We started the hike with a slight sprinkle of rain. As we approached the mill overlook, the rain picked up. We decided to continue on our hike, convinced that it would pass quickly as most summer storms do. Unfortunately, the rain continued to increase so we decided to take shelter just off the trail. The tree cover kept us pretty dry. We enjoyed our picnic lunch by the creek and even skipped some rocks.

As we waited, the rain came down harder and harder. We ended up continuing our hike because by this time, we were all soaked! It was quite the adventure!

After taking shelter for a while under a rock ledge, we decided to make our way back to the car via the road. It continued to rain until we could see the car. AND then it STOPPED! It was great fun and something I am sure the kids will always remember!

Stay tuned for more adventures in Grove City, PA!

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Sanctuary Ridge Adventures in Farming

Raising the Barn Roof


The past two weeks have been physically and mentally exhausting! Although we have lots of experience remodeling and have even managed our own construction business, this is beyond any scope of experience we have ever done on our own. I am not physically strong enough to manage lumber this big. Jamey strained his back trying to manage the brunt of the load a few days ago. After a public plea for volunteers, a crew of 6 joined us on Saturday morning to set the trusses on the equipment barn. In all the excitement, I completely forgot to get a picture of the first truss being set!


The trusses made quick work of assembling the roof! I was terrified watching them place the first truss, but it went so smoothly! Just before lunch a torrential rain blew through our area. My friend Miriam and I had just gone to prepare lunch for the guys in our RV so we managed to stay dry. The guys just kept working. They were determined to get all the trusses set before they broke for lunch. Soaked to the bone and famished, they finally came to the top of the hill to have a picnic of sub sandwiches, chips and cookies.


With everyone pitching in, all the trusses were set by the end of the day! All the rain made it almost comical to try to work as we were all slipping and sliding our way around the job site trying to hand 2×4’s up to Jedediah and Zook to temporarily brace the trusses until the purlins could be added. While Fisher, Sarah, Miriam and I were not busy helping the guys, we painted all the joist hangers, hurricane ties and brackets a fashionable flat black.

I don’t remember when we stopped for dinner, but Noah cooked hot dogs on the grill for us and then we continued working until almost dark. We had to call it a day. Thankfully our volunteers came prepared to stay overnight, so we enjoyed a little time to visit too!

Sunday morning we headed back to finish the purlins. Most of our volunteers had to head home around 1pm and we had a wedding to attend that afternoon so we had a short day to finish the work on the equipment barn!

Not bad for a day and a half work! I can’t possibly express how INCREDIBLY grateful we are to Jedediah, Zook, Fisher, Sarah, Miriam, Madison and Noah for all their help! There is no way we could have done this without them! We raised the barn! YAY!

  • Philippians 1:3 (NIV)

    I thank my God every time I remember you.

  • Luke 10:27 (NIV)

    He answered, “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

    Tomorrow we will begin raising the Pavilion Barn trusses!

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Sanctuary Ridge Adventures in Camping

Wild West Trip Part 7


Natural Bridges National Monument

A two hour drive from our home base in Moab, is the Natural Bridges National Monument. We stopped at the visitors center for some tips on hiking in the park. There is NO cell service here, so it is crucial to get a map and stay on the trails. The boys were especially excited about this day because of the planned hike. They even learned what a payphone is! I volunteered to stay with Cole, since he can’t navigate the ladders required on the hike and that way Candi could go with the boys. Let’s face it, the reality is my fear of heights had a tremendous affect on my decision. Plus I love hanging out with my buddy, Cole! We enjoyed the views from all the overlooks. Here is more information about Natural Bridges National Monument:

We read a book together and had snacks while we waited on everyone. If I remember correctly, the hike was around 2 hours. I was relieved when they finally made it back! They loved it! Everyone agreed it was the best hike on the trip and they would definitely do it again.

On this hike, they walked to the edge and climbed down stick ladders. They hiked and climbed all the way into the valley where the Natural Bridges can be seen along the path. There was a creek in the bottom too! I love the pictures they took along the way! It looks like so much fun!

After a great day of exploring and learning all about Natural Bridges, we headed back to Moab for dinner and a swim.

Tomorrow we will explore the town of Moab and enjoy a day by the pool before we begin the long journey back to Tennessee!

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Sanctuary Ridge Adventures in Camping

The Wild West Trip Part 1

Mesa Arch at Sunrise, June 2019, Canyonlands National Park

I think one of the amazing things about living in the United States is the diversity of our land. As an avid camping family, it has long been a dream of ours to take the iconic “trip out West”. I can not even begin to tell you how much time I spent planning this trip! Between the input of our dear friends (who have made the trip multiple times and had great tips for us) and the input of my brother/sister, we had the road trip of a lifetime! There is no possible way I can put everything in one single post so I am going to break the trip down into destinations and I will link places we stayed along with parks we visited. It was amazing. Truly. Everyone should go!

5 Things You Must Do When Planning a Wild West Trip:

  1. Decide how far you want to go and then use Roadtrippers App to map possible routes.
  2. Pick realistic goals- there is no way you can see everything in Utah, Colorado, and Arizona in two weeks. Pick your top places to see but give yourself time to recover too. The altitude and heat can really affect you! There were 2-3 days that my husband really felt miserable because we pushed too hard trying to see everything. In the end, I wished we had planned more down time. And we ended up doing more than we had planned on some days just because we felt like it and we had time. That’s ok too! Either way it will be amazing so just go with the flow!
  3. Plan to reserve campsites at least 6 months ahead because the campgrounds will be full if you wait!
  4. If you are visiting multiple National Parks research the National Parks Pass! It saved us a lot of $$ as most of the National Parks have entrance fees!
  5. Plan age appropriate hikes/activities. There really is something for everyone!

Here is the link to our Roadtrippers Map:

Moab Trip Map

On the Road…

We headed West from Chattanooga, TN on a Thursday afternoon with my brother and his family. Our friends, Steve and Teresa would drive out a few days later and meet us in Moab. We drove to Little Rock, Arkansas. We boon docked overnight in a Cracker Barrel Parking lot. This was our first attempt at boon docking. It was a good experience, really easy to park and there were several other RV’s staying overnight. If you plan to boon dock, make sure to fill your freshwater tank and bring a generator if your RV is not equipped with one.

The next morning we headed further West, driving through Arkansas, Oklahoma and part of Texas. We stopped in Amarillo, Texas for the night. (Along the way, we viewed some of the historic flooding that was taking place along the Mississippi River. One of the campgrounds we had booked for the trip home had already cancelled our reservation due to flooding.) Our third, and final, long day of driving took us through the remainder of Texas and through New Mexico to the first National Park on our parks list.

Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park is a unique park indeed. You really have to see it to believe it! Based on the recommendation of our friends, Steve and Teresa, we spend one day/night at Mesa Verde National Park before heading on to our next destination. We didn’t plan on doing any of the hikes at Mesa Verde because I am terrified of heights and my nephew is unable to climb the ladders required on the hikes here. We drove to the overlooks and walked down some of the trails but we didn’t attempt to do a tour where they take you to the cliff dwellings. I still can’t believe people lived in these cliff dwellings! Just imagine what it was like to have a toddler living there! It’s terrifying and it’s amazing!

We stayed at Mesa Verde National Park Campground. It was a beautiful campground, teeming with wildlife!

Our next destination was my favorite! Check back tomorrow for a continuation of our Wild West Trip!

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Sanctuary Ridge Adventures in Camping

Freeport, TX

Dog Friendly Beaches!

Last summer was full of adventure for our family! Our summer began with a mission trip to Belize and ended with a surprise trip to Texas. My husband’s job required that he travel to Texas for at least a month, so he loaded up the RV and headed to Texas with our two dogs. Noah and I had to be home for classes on Mondays so we flew back and forth to stay with Jamey. 14 hours away from home for almost two months working in the heat of Texas summer with fire retardant clothing, gloves and a hard hat. I am thankful Noah and I could visit. Truly. But this was so, so hard. Home doesn’t feel like home when Jamey’s not there. And when we were in Texas he was working 10-12 hour days with no time off. So behind the beautiful, fun pics is just a family trying to make the most of a rough time. Things aren’t always what they seem. We were thankful it worked out that we could still be together as a family even if we didn’t get to see him much, as he was working to cover two shifts every day at the job site.

This was our first trip to the Texas coast. We stayed at Blue Water Rv Resort located on the Blue Water Highway, just south of Galveston Island. Here is the link: – Location was the reason Jamey chose this Resort. It was fairly close to the job site. There’s no shade to speak of here. The park has Canal front, Wetland view or Ocean view sites available. They also have a few “cabins” for rent. The Wetland view is nice- the water comes up with the tide and the sunrise is lovely with this view. The Ocean view is right on the highway so we didn’t stay in one of these sites. We stayed August- September so there wasn’t much traffic, except weekends and Labor Day, but I’m sure summer is packed. They have a traffic counter when you cross over the bridge and only allow a certain number on the island at a time. Locals said that in the summer the wait to get back on the island can be long.

We loved staying on the Canal! We had a little dock to fish from and the sunsets here are stunning!

The Rv resort has a nice canal front swimming pool, covered picnic area by the pool, a game room with ping pong/ game tables/ TV and a decent little restaurant onsite. We did our school work in the shade by the pool on most days.

Beach access is just across the two lane Bluewater Highway. There are several places along the highway where you can access the beach by car! We are so accustomed to super soft Florida gulf sand- it was a real treat to drive on the beach here! We saw several people with their RV or tents on the beach camping. According to the county beach rules, you can camp FREE on the beach. No water, electricity or sewer available but it would be fun to spend a weekend camping on the beach. We drove on the beach a couple of times. Once we had a campfire and played Bocce Ball. Noah and I taught our dog Lila to swim in the waves! Taking the dogs to the beach was great fun and the RV resort had a nice dog wash area in their dog park so we could rinse them off on our way back each day. There are lots of golf cart rentals in the area too. They will even deliver them! You can drive golf carts on the beach and most of the access ramps will accommodate golf carts. We planned to rent one but Jamey only had one day off during the trip so we spent that day in Galveston Island instead.

My two favorite things here were riding bikes on the beach and fishing. I LOVE fishing! The men in the park were probably annoyed with me because I asked them all what they were fishing for and what they were fishing with. I met a nice older gentleman in Walmart who gave me some great tips on where to fish and what to fish with. Turns out we were in the perfect location to catch Red Fish, Sea Trout and Blue Crabs! I enjoy fishing even when I’m not catching anything. It’s so peaceful and relaxing! Blue Crabs were abundant in the canal so we had crab cakes too!

I did finally catch a decent sea trout, so we had to cook it for dinner. It was delicious! It doesn’t get any fresher than straight from the sea to the frying pan!

Jamey finally got a day off! We headed to Galveston Island to check out the historic area known as The Strand. The lovely architecture has endured many tropical storms and even hurricanes. I highly recommend a visit to LaKings Confectioners Shop if you are in the area. There are so many great restaurants and museums in the area. With limited time here, we missed out on some of the things we wanted to see but we had a really great day!

Our trip ended abrubtly two days before our scheduled departure due to an incoming tropical storm.

The winds were horrendous at the onset of the storm. Our RV shook in the storm. Hour by hour I became more and more nervous about staying on the island as the canal began to flood. Jamey decided it was time to leave. We packed everything as quickly as we could in the torrential rains. We headed home within an hour of the decision to leave. Shortly after leaving we learned that the storm had been upgraded to a hurricane and was named Imelda. The storm made landfall near Freeport, Texas and caused 5 billion dollars in damage. We made our way safely to Louisiana for the night, then continued on to Tennessee the next day. Home never looked so good! So thankful for God’s protection over us as we traveled home!

I would definitely visit Freeport, Texas again. Galveston Island was a little too crowded for my taste but another day trip would be nice! Maybe next time we will just go for fun and even stay a few days in our RV on the beach!

Psalm 121:5 The Lord watches over you—the Lord is your shade at your right hand; 6 the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night. 7The Lord will keep you from all harm—he will watch over your life; 8 the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.

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