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Welcome Home Henry

We finally made it back to Signal Mountain to get the bush-hog! Just as the government started shutting everything down for the Coronavirus, I became very sick. I had been battling what seemed to be a mild cold for a few days when it became impossible to sleep due to the constant coughing. I ended up being treated for pneumonia. Jamey caught it too and his symptoms followed mimicking mine almost to the day. He ended up with pneumonia too. We never had a “real” fever but it did take the full 10 days of antibiotics and several more days to recover completely from it all. Needless to say, we stayed away from everyone! Even when we were feeling better and headed to pick up the bush-hog, we stayed a good distance away from my dad when he met us at my aunt’s house to pick it up. After all the sickness and rain, we are so happy to be back outside!

After loading Henry and the bush-hog onto the trailer, we headed back off Signal Mountain to Sanctuary Ridge Farm. Our farm is in Decatur, Tennessee so the drive is a little over an hour. Our plans to deliver Henry to the farm and head home for dinner were quickly foiled when Jamey decided he wanted to take Henry for a “quick” drive.

Welcome Home Henry!

Luckily I had a folding chair in the back of the truck. I found a spot by the creek to watch Jamey bush-hog the field from a safe distance.

Everything works great with the tractor and bush-hog! We are excited to get these fields cut so we can decide where to build the barn. It was a beautiful, rewarding evening!

  • Psalms 150:6 (NIV)Let everything that has breath praise the LordPraise the Lord.

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