Sanctuary Ridge Adventures in Farming

Loose Ends

The Gate

The past two weeks have been all about tying up loose ends. There are so many projects underway on the farm and it is time to finish some of these and move on!

The fence and gate have moved to top priority since the timber company has listed the property all around us. Every day there are several vehicles driving on the access road to see the property for sale. Some are just curious neighbors (whom we would otherwise never had the opportunity to meet) and others are very serious buyers. Regardless, we are not comfortable with strangers driving on our property so it was time to put up our fence and install the gate. We purchased the Sanctuary Ridge Farm sign from a Tennessee business back in August. After the wood has time to dry out, I will paint it black to match the gate and sign. Jamey will install an electric opener, but for now this serves our security purposes.


For the past two months, the timber company has had a small crew working on clearing and digging for the installation of the electricity through our local provider, VEC. Jamey has worked closely with them to assure that everything went as smoothly as possible.

As with any outdoor work, there have been many days of delay due to weather. Some delays may or may not have been due to hunting. And sometimes, they were working on another job site. Finally, all of the pipe was installed and inspected. Our excitement was almost comical when we finally saw the Utility trucks arrive to run the electricity in to our property. Now that our home has been constructed using only gas generated power, we finally have electricity! What a relief to be able to just plug in a drop cord! It was a happy day on the farm!


Waterproofing and water drainage are essential to a dry basement! Jamey applied the waterproofing and installed French drains around the foundation of the basement walls. After we put gravel in, we can begin backfilling around the house!

Finishing Strong

2020 has been a year of new things. Who dreamed we would be wearing masks everywhere? Or that “social distancing” would become part of our lives? There have been many tragedies and triumphs this year. Buying a farm and building a new home were not part of our plans, but here we are. We have worked harder this year than ever before. Here’s to a new year and many more adventures! We pray God blesses you all abundantly in 2021!

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