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The Walk in Pantry

Can you see it?

Visions of Sugarplums

Can you see it? This is the pantry! Can you envision the doors, shelves, and mini fridge?

I’ve dreamt of having a walk in, custom pantry for a long time. Jamey would have built one for me, all I had to do was ask. I just could not justify spending so much money on shelving in a closet that no one will ever see.

So I dreamed of creating shelving and painting it and having all the organized baskets but I knew that in the end, I would choose wire shelving. Or end up using a restaurant style shelf that would save money. I am grateful for an actual walk in space to store the food! We even took the coat closet space to enlarge the pantry so I can have an extra refrigerator upstairs.

Looking back at these pictures to write this article, I wonder how in the world we envisioned this!

An unexpected Blessing!

As I searched online for potential bathroom vanities, I came across an ad on FaceBook Marketplace. The ad was for a section of built in cabinets that a lady was having removed from her bonus room. The cabinets were custom made to fit around her fireplace. The base section and upper sections were built in smaller sections as well. I inquired to see what the dimensions were, thinking that we might re-configure these for our pantry. When she messaged me back, I was shocked to see the exact dimension we needed to fit our space! We purchased these used, custom cabinets, for a fraction of the cost of lumber!

Jamey and Madison painted the shelving. Jamey built a new base for the upper shelves. (We will re-purpose the lower shelves.) I am so thankful for this unexpected blessing! My OCD brain is so happy every time I open the pantry doors. It’s such a great reminder to me that God cares about all the dreams you have. Even the ones that don’t seem important! I love it!

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