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Welcome to my Kitchen!

The eight foot island

The Vision

Having a plan is vital to any kitchen design, whether it is a kitchen remodel or new construction. Form and function come together in this kitchen design. If you read my blog post about the design process, then you know I went through many designs ideas before deciding the best layout for my space ( I ended up going with design V-4. We decided to frame the space for the refrigerator to give it a more built in look than the standard refrigerator panels. We also ended up changing the pocket door for the pantry to a double door entry. I love the way it turned out!

Risk versus Rewards

I took a BIG risk with purchasing boxed cabinets from Nelson Cabinetry. I ordered a sample door, which I put through a scratch and dent test. I read reviews and watched their assembly videos on YouTube. I chose to take the risk based on these three things:

  1. Durability- the sample door I ordered held up remarkably to the scratch/dent test.
  2. Assembly- the cabinets are so easy to assemble. I have assembled 3 full Ikea kitchens. One Ikea cabinet comes in multiple boxes. You have to match the numbers on the box to the order and assemble each individual box just to assemble one cabinet. So a 3 drawer Ikea cabinet base is a total of 7 boxes! If you have 10 base cabinets in your kitchen that is at least 70 boxes to check numbers on and cross reference from your kitchen design. It can be a real headache. The Nelson base cabinets come in one box. I loved the simplicity!
  3. Affordability- The Nelson Cabinetry design was over $1,000 less than the Ikea cabinet design. This comparison was one to one, comparing the exact same sizes and features.

I was so nervous!

I ordered the cabinets and they were delivered as promised. They sat, stacked in the garage for 3 weeks before I could finally begin assembly.

Armed with a box blade to open the boxes, a drill, and a Phillips head screw driver, I secretly began the cabinet assembly. I was so nervous about the cabinet quality that I didn’t even tell anyone when I began assembling the cabinets. I was surprised to discover there were NO written instructions. Assembly instructions are via a simple 5 minute video on YouTube. I was pleased to find that the assembly was as simple as the video implied and that the quality is better than Ikea!

Disaster Averted!

The entire cabinet assembly took around 4 hours. I’m proud to say I was able to complete all the cabinet assembly on my own! I did need assistance carrying the cabinets into the house from the garage though. Jamey did the lower cabinet installation on his own and we worked together to hang the upper cabinets.

Butcher Block Counter Tops

I love the warmth of wood counter tops. I use cutting boards when doing food prep, so I prefer to stain and urethane my wood counter tops. If you are planning to have food safe tops, they will need to be sealed with tongue oil or another food safe sealer. Finishing the tops with stain and urethane create a water safe barrier. I prefer Mrs. Meyers counter top spray and sometimes I follow up with citrus pledge.

Stained and urethane counter tops

Finally Finished!

We took a few weeks off before finishing the shiplap on the back of the island and the main wall in the kitchen. The final step was to install the wood shelves Jamey made for each side of the window. These are not just for decoration! I believe everything in the kitchen should be functional.

My Dream Kitchen

I love my kitchen! It’s truly everything that I hoped for! I’m so thankful that Jamey helped me with every little detail. He’s really an amazing craftsman!

What does your dream kitchen look like? I found some inspiration on Pinterest and other inspiration in places we visited while traveling! Whatever inspires you, make it your own comfortable space!

Interested in Nelson Cabinetry? Here’s the link you need-!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to my Kitchen!

  1. Hi .. I saw your kitchen story and positive experience with Nelson Cabinetry. That really inspired me! I wanted to see if the Nelson cabinets are still holding up and if you’d do anything different in retrospect. Also, a list of tools .. nail gun, glue, laser level, clamps .. things that would have made it easier/better to build and install. Any feedback will be greatly appreciate. About to order Nelson. Thanks. Tom

  2. Hi … You’re kitchen looks amazing. I just wanted to ask how it’s holding up since then and if you still have the same high opinion of Nelson Cabinets. I’m quite far along with them on a quote and your kitchen and write up been on my mind. I just wanted to see if you still feel that way and if there’s anything you would have done differently in retrospect. Thanks! Tom

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