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Fabulous February

Fabulous February

I am declaring that February will be fabulous! This is the month that will make up for all the delays and frustrations we have faced thus far. February 1st the insulation was finished. February 2nd the siding was finished and sheet rock was delivered! February 3rd the crew began hanging sheet rock. We are so excited to see this process begin. Hopefully we can keep the house warm enough to allow the finishing to be completed in 1-2 weeks. Finishing sheetrock in winter is not ideal, but it can be done. We have built two other homes during winter so at least we know what we are up against with the cold temperatures.

Kitchen Cabinets

Ultimately, I decided to order my kitchen cabinets from Nelson KB out of Dalas, Texas. These are White, shaker style cabinets that you put together yourself. I’ve completed a few Ikea kitchens and feel pretty confident that we can easily assemble these cabinets. I ordered a sample door and put it through a few tests to see if the door finish is durable. The cabinets were delivered on a very large pallet so Jamey and I separated them into smaller pallets so he could move them into the garage until we are ready to build them. I’m excited to see how these turn out!

Door and Interior Trim

On Friday afternoon our interior trim and doors were delivered! This is our first time to see these doors in person. It’s a new style that mimics the craftsman style doors that I love. Jamey and his brother will install the doors and trim next week!

Brick Fireplaces

In our last house, I hated our dated brick fireplace. I ended up doing a technique known as German Schmear and I loved how it looked! The brick masons came on Friday and laid the brick for both our fireplaces. Next week I will work on finishing these fireplaces with German Schmear. Hopefully I will have a good video to show you how simple the process is!

The drywall finishers wrapped up the sheetrock Friday evening! What a week! Next week will be so exciting with all the work we have planned to complete! Stay tuned!

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