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January Endings

These are the doors that replaced the window that didn’t get ordered!

January Endings..

Last week the electrical, plumbing, HVAC and framing were all wrapped up. I really like the tray ceilings in the downstairs bedrooms that were a result of the HVAC ductwork running below the original ceiling. This is truly the best way to disguise the ductwork- just make it look like it was all part of the plan!


On Friday, we passed all of our building inspections related to plumbing, HVAC, electrical and framing! Friday afternoon we began the process of insulating the house. The crew insulating the house did a fantastic job and they finished it on Monday.

Insulation partially completed

Weekend Project

Hog Panels are a new trend in deck railing that I really wanted to add to our Farmhouse design. I like that they don’t block the view as much as traditional railing. We will use these on the interior staircase too! Jamey set up his workshop in the living/kitchen area and constructed all the panels Saturday/ Sunday afternoon. After the treated lumber has dried out, we will stain them.

My weekend project was much less complicated than Jamey’s! I ordered some of our light fixtures online, knowing that the finish was not the color I wanted. I really love the design so I made the decision to order it and just paint it to match the finish of the other fixtures. This fixture also has wood beads that haven’t been assembled yet. I painted it matte black.

Our kitchen counters will be butcher block so I am also trying different stains to decide which one I like best. I will probably use the same stain on the front door, posts, and handrails. Here is a sample of the stains I tried: 1) Ebony 2) Transparent Black 3) Gel Black.

We are looking forward to February! A new month and hopefully the final weeks of building our farmhouse!

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