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The Window Saga Continues

My turn- Checking the Window Invoice

Why is this so complicated?

When you look at drawings from an architect, they have the window sizes listed. It’s pretty important to follow, as closely as possible, the design he or she has laid out so that the windows fit into the designed space. As we prepared to order the windows, way back in October, Jamey created a list to make it easier to check the window quote. We checked his list against the drawings multiple times. By multiple, I mean at least 15 times. We were both sick of looking at windows and talking about windows and thinking about windows before windows even became such a big deal. Who knew that windows could practically halt progress on a construction site?

So here we are, 13 weeks later, checking the windows again.

Good News!

We received a phone call last Wednesday that our windows have arrived! Yay! A whole week early too!

After delivery at our site on Friday, we went to see the long awaited windows. Such a beautiful site!

The Windows!

It’s not what you think!

Unfortunately, not all the windows were delivered.

After going through the order, the invoice, and then the order again, we discovered that 6 windows are missing.


Our sales representative confirmed that 5 windows are on back order. And what about the 6th window? Good question!

It seems that it was never ordered at all.

I am not even kidding!

Now what?

So, now what?

When life gives you lemons, make a lemon pie!

Fortunately for us, the window that was not ordered is one of 5 of the same size windows, located in 3 different rooms. After considering our options, we decided to replace the missing window with French doors that will lead onto the wrap around, covered deck. It’s not exactly what we planned or wanted, but we will make it work. I might even grow to love having French doors from our bedroom onto the covered deck!

The view from the “new” French doors!

As of now, our remaining windows are expected at the distributor TODAY! Our amazing framing crew are on standby, ready to begin installation tomorrow. We will be so relieved when those windows are finally here!

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