Sanctuary Ridge Adventures in Farming

Farmhouse Framing Week 3

The A Team

This week, the A Team arrived! Our framing crew doubled their efforts with an additional crew and the results were phenomenal! We had great weather! The crews worked so hard and I am truly grateful!

The Detached Garage

We thought long and hard about the placement of the detached garage. There was no way to attach it to the house. We couldn’t place it on the left side because that is where our septic will be installed. I really like the design and placement we settled on!

9AM Garage and Main House Framing Progress

12PM Garage and Main House Framing Progress

Two Days with the A-Team

After two short days, the A-Team has completely framed the Garage walls and roof, finished decking the main house roof, and wrapped the house in Tyvek. We decided to leave the window openings covered in tyvek to keep the house as dry as possible while we wait for our windows.

Finishing the Week Strong

I met with the plumbers to go over some final details and was so surprised to see the crew beginning our deck! Jamey was delayed waiting on the excavation crew as they were installing some conduit across our long driveway so I watched the crew begin the deck framing.

The Covered Deck

One of my favorite things about this house plan is the enormous covered deck! It takes advantage of the panoramic views and promises to be a space our family will use daily. Our last home had a screen porch that we loved to spend mornings together over coffee. Noah and I used the screen porch for reading and doing bible studies together. We spent endless hours doing home school, playing games and just visiting with friends on the porch. I’m especially excited about this covered porch because we plan to screen both the upper and lower levels. I can already imagine the hours of family time that will be enjoyed in this outdoor space!

Rear Elevation Framing Completed

With the exception of installing the extremely delayed windows and doors, the framing is complete! Yay! Framing this house has taken twice as long as any project we have ever done! We are so thankful to have this part of the project finished!

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