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Framing Week 2

Laying out the Kitchen Design

Farmhouse Framing Week 2

This week is Thanksgiving! We are expecting rain this week so I doubt the crew will be able to finish the house this week. Our lumber supplier has been 2-3 days out on delivering our next load of material, so the crew ended up not working one day this week because they ran out of lumber. They give us a list of what they need and Jamey calls it in for delivery. It seems that the window delay may work out after all!


The house really began to take shape! The rafters make up the roof structure. Roof designs can add so much character to a house. Gables, hips, gambrels and the pitch of the roof all dictate the design elements of a roof. So much of a house style depends on the pitch of a roof!

Despite the rain and other delays, I think the progress was really good this week!

Humoring Me

The first picture at the top of the page depicts my devoted husband who is so good at humoring me. Time and time again we have measured rooms so I can plan and design. In my next post, I will share some of the kitchen designs I am considering. It is a fine balance for me as I want to do some really unique finishes without adding too much work for Jamey. I’m too creative for my own good. And he’s too talented for his own good. We make a great team!

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