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Framing Week 1-2

Week 1-2 Farmhouse Framing

Week 1 began on a Friday so this update covers the remainder of week 1 and beginning of week 2.

Framing began as planned! The framing crew arrives at dawn and works until dark every evening. We had great weather this week! On our previous building projects, the framing crew of 8-10 would frame an entire 3,000 sq ft house in a week. This crew is only 3-4 framers so it is taking much longer to complete. Here are some photos from this week:

Answered Prayers!

This week, as I was walking my dogs near my garden on the hill, I watched in terror as one of the framers nearly fell from the second story. He had climbed out one of the windows, barely reaching the ladder with one foot, and tried to ease his way out to the side of the house. I stood watching and praying as the ladder slid sideways and he dangled from one arm as he tried to make his way back inside. I knew I couldn’t make it the 1/4 mile to the job site to help him in time, so I prayed desperately that he would not fall. Thankfully, he stabilized himself enough to climb back inside the window! I was so relieved! Praise the Lord for watching over him!

Front Row Seats

We have never lived onsite while we are building. I usually drive to the construction site in the morning to make sure everyone showed up to work and then drive back in the evening to see the progress with Jamey. This time, we hear them when they arrive. I can see walls going up from my window in the RV. It is something else to watch these men set heavy ridge beams in open space! The framing of the roof over the deck was too scary for me to even watch! I look at it now and still can’t believe they set those beams on the flimsy walk board constructed by 2×4’s!

Hurricane Delays

Remember all the hurricanes? Well, hurricane Laura has impacted the entire PVC production lines across the south. We knew there had been some impact due to the difficulty in locating fittings and pipe to run the conduit for our Solar Energy System. We had no idea the enormous impact that has affected most all construction. Normally, we place our window order and two weeks later our windows arrive onsite. This time, we knew that there were some delays because of the hurricanes. We placed our window order the first week of October, expecting them to arrive onsite in 6 weeks. It is now the last week of November and we were just informed the windows have been delayed for a 3rd time! This will put our window delivery sometime mid January!!! So we decided to switch to a different manufacturer in hopes of getting our windows a week or two earlier.


We are ready for windows now. This delay will prevent drying the house in and essentially delay the completion of the house 4-6 weeks overall. It’s been a brutal blow. And yet I am reminded that there are so many homes still in our area that have not been repaired from the April tornado. Not to mention all of the damages from multiple hurricanes in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. We will continue to be thankful in all things, even when things aren’t going our way. Even when it’s frustrating. God will see us through the big and the small things. So instead of being upset about the windows, I’m going to be thankful for the extra time we can focus on the upcoming celebration of Christmas! We truly have so much to be thankful for!

On a perfect day, when the sun hits the Cumberland Mountains just right, you can see this amazing view of the valley between the mountains. We don’t always see it, but we know it’s there. Jamey captured it for the first time this week.

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