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Farmhouse Framing Week 1

Design Changes

Because Jamey had meetings in Atlanta, I met with the framers early to go over the changes we have made to the house plans. The changes are minor, but we definitely want it framed right the first time! Some changes include:

  1. Window sizes- we always change window sizes to standard sizing instead of special order. The difference might be 1-3 inches so it’s a minor change that can save a lot of $$$.
  2. Eliminating the foyer closet to add more pantry space.
  3. Eliminating the open part of the covered deck known as the “grilling deck”. I just want the whole thing covered and screened. We can grill on the patio instead.
  4. Square off the bay window. I love bay windows but squaring it off makes the space more user friendly. I plan to host big family dinners (friends too!) and we eliminated a big window in the dining space so I will have a place to put my antique china hutch.
  5. Fireplaces are to be cantilevered instead of inside the floorspace. This is just a personal preference.

A Beautiful Morning to Begin Framing

As I waited on the Framing crew, I prayed for each of them. It was such a beautiful morning! When we finished going over the changes, the crew went right to work. I checked on them periodically to see if they needed anything and of course to see how they were progressing.

Framing Questions

At some point in the afternoon, Noel pulled me aside with a question. I have to admit there is a bit of a language barrier. We looked at the house plans again. He pointed out that the dimensions were off. Jamey had already discovered that the poured walls were not placed correctly so there was a discrepancy in the depth of the house. I thought that was what Noel was referring to. Sadly, it was not.

They continued framing the basement walls. It was not until later, when Jamey came home, that we discovered the huge mistake…

Jamey immediately saw the issue.

The Big Mistake and I think I’m FIRED!

The house plans call for a brick pocket on the basement level. This means the walls overhang the foundation so that when you lay brick on the foundation, the brick comes flush under the siding. This is not how they framed the basement.

So our choice is to tear everything down, re order lumber and begin again, OR brick the entire basement. Our best option at this point is to brick the basement level.

It is traditional for the basement level to be brick or stone. The basement is actually part of the foundation, so it makes sense. This house plan shows a short foundation of brick and then siding on the basement level. I felt terrible for missing this. It is a very costly mistake.

Moving Forward

Over the next few days, the house began to really take shape! I don’t know why the framers always build the staircase last, but they do. As terrified of heights as I am, I can not resist walking the “bridge” to the main level! There is nothing quite like walking through the house that you have been studying and planning for months. I’m more and more excited as the project progresses!

We expect the framers to finish next week! Stay tuned for more updates!

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