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Farmhouse Foundations

This was one of those days where I had to meet the crew early in the morning. The job for today included a concrete pump from Scenic City, concrete supplied by Sequatchie Concrete, and this family crew who was in charge of the finishing of the basement floor.

To my great surprise, the men bowed their heads and prayed over the work to be done before they began. It meant so much to me that they did this! I was talking with the concrete pump operator when the crew began to pray. This opened an opportunity for me to speak to the young man about Jesus. We talked about how easy it is to stray from the Lord and how He welcomes us back with open arms. About blessing and favor. I spent most of the day back and forth at the job site as another load of concrete was delivered and more opportunities presented themselves for encouraging the young man to trust in the Lord. My heart was full. It is so good to encourage one another and remember God’s blessings!

A concrete job must be completed in one day. So when the crew begins, the weather must be good and material lined up to be delivered in a timely manner so that the work can be completed. It was an all day event, waiting on the second load of concrete. As evening approached, we had to set up a generator with lighting so the crew could continue working on the basement floor.

Jamey took the remaining crew a plate of Chicken Pot Pie and some hot coffee for dinner. It was almost 11 pm when they finally finished!

Jamey has the framing crew scheduled to begin tomorrow morning! We are so excited to see what tomorrow holds!

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