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Weather Delays and Progress Days

This hurricane season has been something else! I’m so thankful that we are only dealing with rain delays, although just one day of delay can throw a schedule out more than just a day. For instance, if one of our subcontractors doesn’t come when they are scheduled and then we have rain for a day or two, our schedule is pushed out 1 week. The impact of not showing up when scheduled has pushed our complete date out 2 weeks so far. We are hopeful that we can make that delay up somewhere along the way, but it is highly unlikely that we can make up that much time.

After the rain delays, the poured wall forms were finally completed and poured! The following day, the crew came to remove the forms so the mason crew could begin laying the block to complete the basement foundation. The masons are amazing! They completed the basement foundation and detached garage block work in one day! Yay!

Jamey is utilizing Molly, the Mahindra tractor, to move and spread the gravel for the basement and garage floor. Once the gravel is moved, we have to spread it by hand. We decided to do this ourselves to avoid further delays. This is a crucial step for next weeks work! Praise the Lord for some progress! If all goes as planned, we can begin framing next week! Woohoo!

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