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Solar Panels

I’ll be honest, two days ago I broke down and cried like a baby. This is hard. I feel so helpless because there is so much to do and I can’t do any of it. Jamey is so overloaded and I want so much to check some things off the list for him but all I can do is hand him a tool occasionally. I’m by his side and ready to help when needed but so much of this rests on his shoulders. We are both exhausted. Despite our setbacks and frustration, this week has been full of huge milestones so I had to post an update!

Working late at night by battery powered lights.

We have lived 43 days in our RV.

Every day Jamey fills the generator with fuel, fills the water tanks, goes to get more fuel, works a full time job and then he works to finish installing the Solar Power System until late at night. For an extra fun filled weekend we installed a septic system!

Septic tanks- this was tricky to unload. The machine was rated to pick it up but it was grossly underpowered.
Jamey digging the septic system
Successfully installed!

Over the weekend we- and I do mean Jamey and I- installed our septic system. Jamey rented a mini excavator to dig for the tank and effluent lines. We have been delayed on installing this because of rain. Any rain on Friday or Saturday made it impossible to do the installation. It really looked like we wouldn’t get it finished this weekend but we did! Yay for progress!

Finally digging the basement!

Today has been the best day! The basement excavation began this morning! It’s so exciting to see the dig finally begin.

But the best part of today was changing from generator power to Solar Power! Everything is running smoothly so far. It’s a tremendous relief to have electricity! I’m amazed at Jamey’s ability to design, plan and implement such a complex system.

Testing, testing!

Stay tuned for more updates on our building project!

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