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Making Room


A New Adventure

As we were going to do some measurements for the barn construction a few weeks ago, we noticed survey tags along our property line. Assuming these were for the timber company in preparation of cutting the timber, Jamey made a phone call to the property manager to inform him we had changed the lock on security gate and would gladly add a lock for him. Much to our surprise, they are not preparing to cut timber. The land is for sale!


I knew immediately that we were to purchase more land adjoining our current 40 acres. We would love to buy it all , but that is not financially possible for us right now, so we met with the realtor and made an offer on 20 acres on the ridge. They accepted our offer! Since that moment, our plans have been accelerated. Fast Forward!

Moving On…

We love our home. We are comfortable. We are close to family and friends. We are close to our church and our homeschool group. We don’t really want to move. I think that’s why this has been so hard- why it has been such a struggle emotionally to let it all go. And yet, that is what we know God wants us to do right now in HIS timing and not our own perfect little concocted plan. It’s messy and hard. And in the moments when I have doubted or been afraid, God has given me confirmation and peace that this is the right thing. I’m thankful that we will still be close enough to continue to be involved in our church and homeschool group!

We listed our home and sold it in a matter of hours! Twelve showings in the first 7 hours on the market! So I have been so busy packing and getting rid of so many things we just don’t need anymore! We are building a smaller house on the farm so a lot of de-cluttering has taken place over the last few weeks.

All of this is happening now, in addition to a new school year where our youngest is starting 10th grade. It is our 8th year of homeschooling- my 3rd year to teach the 8th grade class in our homeschool co-op that meets on Mondays. That means preparing lesson plans, daily studying, and teaching! There have been days when I think I must be insane to do all of this right now! But God is good and He brings me peace when I just don’t think I can make it another moment in the chaos that is my life right now. He shows me I am blessed in these moments of opportunity.

Making Room

We close on our house sale in 6 days. The walls are empty, boxes are stacked, and rooms are cleared of furniture. As hard as it has been to take load after load to the donation center, it has been liberating! I am making room for something new! I don’t know exactly what it will look like but I know God is in it and HIS ways are so much better than mine! This song really spoke to me this morning so I wanted to share it with you.

So this is why I haven’t written for a while. I’ve been so busy and needed to just be quiet for a while. Sometimes you need to get alone to hear HIM. Would you say a prayer for us? We want to be fully surrendered to God and His will for our lives. We are excited to see the plan God has for Sanctuary Ridge Farm and how He plans to use it for His glory!

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