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Farmhouse Style is my favorite! I love taking an old thing and giving it new life with a little paint and TLC. A few years ago, I decided I really wanted a piano. I took lessons as a child, I even wrote a few songs at one point. I had my childhood piano but we moved so much that I finally just gave it back to my mom and settled for a keyboard instead. It was much easier to move. There’s nothing like playing the real thing though. And at the time I decided I wanted a piano, I had begun to paint most everything in my house with homemade “chalk paint”. (I will show you my dining table and hutch next time). I found an old piano with enough detail to showcase with a little distressing and decided to just go for it! I paid $75 for the piano. It was already scratched but had a nice sound. Here it is after I sanded it.

Sanded and ready for paint!

I used a palm sander to sand the finish off so that the paint will not peel off. You can find a palm sander at Walmart or any hardware store. I gave $20 for mine. After sanding, I wiped everything down with mineral spirits/ paint thinner because it catches more dust than just wiping it down or vacuuming it. I did keep the keys sealed off with plastic and painters tape to limit the dust. There is no need to sand down to the bare wood. If you are painting with chalk paint, just remove the gloss finish on the furniture and you should be good!

You can make your own Chalk Paint with any color, brand or finish. For my first project, I actually used white primer! That was seven years ago and it still looks great! For this piano project, I used left over trim paint. The addition of Plaster of Paris in the recipe will give the paint the chalk finish. If you use gloss paint, it will not be glossy. The plaster of Paris changes the sheen of the paint. It is a strong enough finish to wash with a damp cloth and stand up to normal wear.

Homemade Chalk Paint

Spend less money on your projects! Make your own chalk paint at home!
Prep Time10 minutes
Total Time10 minutes
Keyword: Homemade Chalk Paint, Chalk Paint Recipe, Sanctuary Ridge Farmstyle
Author: Monica Scott
Cost: Varies based on amount needed for your project!


  • Measuring Spoon
  • Paint stick to mix the paint
  • Paint bucket or bowl large enough for your paint project


  • 3 Cups any finish, any color paint
  • 2 TBSP Plaster of Paris powder
  • 1/8 Cup water


  • Stir all ingredients together. Make sure to mix until all the lumps are gone! You can make a smaller batch or larger batch according to what you need for your project. If you prep your surface area by sanding the gloss finish off, the paint will adhere and not peel. Paint your project and wait 1 day before distressing with a sander. 1-2 coats per project. This creates a strong, durable finish.

After you paint your project, take the sander and sand along the fine details to give a distressed look. I love how it brings out the edges of the furniture!

It’s been 5 years since I painted the piano and it is the most commented on piece in my home. The finish has endured a move and 5 years of enjoyment. What’s your style? Share your paint project photos in the comments below!

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