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The Pavilion Barn Raising


With the experience of the equipment barn only a day behind us, our little crew moved on to setting the Pavilion trusses. Jamey was a little concerned with the stability of the Pavilion, so he and Jedediah added more bracing. We also discovered one truss that needed to be painted, so my little helper and I painted it while the guys set the trusses.

This added a lot more stability to the structure so they began setting the trusses with the tele handler. At first they just used the forks but decided to use the sling to allow for more flexibility in the placement of each truss.

The first truss was stabilized with 2×4 bracing but after the second truss was set, the purlins were used to stabilize between the first and second truss and so forth. This is time consuming work, but it has to be done and the stability of of the project was improved with the addition of each truss and each purlin.

The battle with heat and rain was exhausting. I was fortunate enough to be able to find a little shade to get a break from the sun. Jamey and Jedidiah were in the sun all day. Even on the days when they worked on the pavilion after their regular jobs, it was a minimum of 5-6 hours in the humid summer heat. I was on standby to hand them whatever was needed, to help place the truss on the forks so we could nail the 3 together before putting the sling on and lifting them into place. Thankfully, Jamey’s Dad and Madison came to help! I don’t know what we would have done without friends and family helping us this past week!

Here is a video of the last truss being placed! In case you were wondering, the tele handler AND the lift beep the entire time we worked. A couple of nights I went to sleep with that beeping still ringing in my ears!

We were so relieved to have completed the project a day early! It was a well deserved day of rest for us all on Independence Day!

A few days later we had a crew come finish the pavilion roofing. Jamey has already been spreading the gravel. I love the design Jamey came up with and how it is all coming together!  Next we will work on soil stabilization and painting the posts.

I hope our little barn projects have inspired you! You will never know if you can do it unless you try! ” What would you try if you knew you could not fail?”- author unknown.

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