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Wild West Trip Part 7


Natural Bridges National Monument

A two hour drive from our home base in Moab, is the Natural Bridges National Monument. We stopped at the visitors center for some tips on hiking in the park. There is NO cell service here, so it is crucial to get a map and stay on the trails. The boys were especially excited about this day because of the planned hike. They even learned what a payphone is! I volunteered to stay with Cole, since he can’t navigate the ladders required on the hike and that way Candi could go with the boys. Let’s face it, the reality is my fear of heights had a tremendous affect on my decision. Plus I love hanging out with my buddy, Cole! We enjoyed the views from all the overlooks. Here is more information about Natural Bridges National Monument:

We read a book together and had snacks while we waited on everyone. If I remember correctly, the hike was around 2 hours. I was relieved when they finally made it back! They loved it! Everyone agreed it was the best hike on the trip and they would definitely do it again.

On this hike, they walked to the edge and climbed down stick ladders. They hiked and climbed all the way into the valley where the Natural Bridges can be seen along the path. There was a creek in the bottom too! I love the pictures they took along the way! It looks like so much fun!

After a great day of exploring and learning all about Natural Bridges, we headed back to Moab for dinner and a swim.

Tomorrow we will explore the town of Moab and enjoy a day by the pool before we begin the long journey back to Tennessee!

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  1. Looks like great hikes! If I remember correctly, I visited this area in 1983, and there was a “light show” on the natural bridge at dusk. Was there any mention of that when you were there? Thanks for your post!

      1. I don’t know. Maybe I am not remembering correctly. It’s been a very long time! I am glad you enjoyed it.

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