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The Wild West Trip Part 2

     Lake Powell, Page, Arizona

When we go back, I want to stay at Lake Powell for at least a week! The pictures don’t even come close to the immensely stunning scenes here. As we planned our trip, we all agreed that we wanted to at least see Lake Powell. We decided to make it our home base for 3 days. From here, we could drive to the North Rim Grand Canyon for the day, see some slot canyons, and explore the lake. This place did not disappoint!

We stayed at Lake Powell Resort campground.

The views at this campground are unbelievable! So, so pretty! The marina rents a variety of boats so you can go explore the lake. This was something we splurged on and I am so glad we did! It was the best day. The only negative was checking in to get the boat took a long time and then checking the boat back in at the end of the day took a very long time. I would still rent a boat if you can but just know that it takes a while to get it and be prepared to stay a while when you bring it back.

The marina provides a map so you won’t get lost. The lake is far too big to explore the whole thing in one day, probably even 2-3 days wouldn’t be long enough. The only way to do that would be to rent a houseboat. What fun that would be!

Roadside Stops:

The views on the drive from Page, AZ to the North Rim are just beautiful! There are several places to stop along the way and see cool rock formations. We had a great time at this little roadside stop. 

Before we pulled out of Page, AZ, we went to check out the museum at the Glen Canyon Dam. I love museums! This is a very small museum- it requires less than an hour of your time and you can get some great photos of the Glen Canyon Dam while you are there. The history of the dam and the surrounding area are very family friendly!

 There is so much more to explore in the area than we had time for so we will just have to go again!

Tomorrow I will share about our next stop on the Wild West Trip- Bluff, Utah!

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  1. Sounds great! I’m guessing there are “tours” one could take rather than renting a boat for the day. That would be more our style, but it does sound like a great, great day!

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