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Building a Barn PT 1

Madison Pushing the batter boards into place with Jamey assisting

We just finished working all weekend to prepare for the next step for our barn buildings. The first will be an open barn style pavilion and the second will be for storing our farm equipment. We decided to order trusses and they will be triple trusses to get the design look we want in an economical manner. It’s designed to look like bulky timber trusses. The plan is to paint them all Alabaster White. The metal roof is a dark gray. All the accents will be in black. Here is a little inspiration we found recently. My Pinterest board is full of inspirations for the future wedding barn. It’s important to me to have consistency in the building designs throughout the property.

Step by step, we are getting to a point where these building are becoming a reality! With sites leveled, designs completed, and buildings laid out, we are ready to start putting in posts this coming weekend. Madison helped Jamey get the batter boards in to keep the post layouts square. It’s essential that the prep work is laid out properly.

Jamey is pretty excited about using the new auger to drill holes for the barn poles. Here’s a video of his first attempt at using the new auger.

Trying the new auger attachment!

Hopefully I will get some video and pictures of the work we are planning for this weekend. I’m excited to see this finished!

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