Sanctuary Ridge Adventures in Farming

Building a Barn Part 2


At the crack of dawn we headed out to Sanctuary Ridge to begin the daunting task of building our first barn. The crew of two consisted of me and Jamey. I’m not sure what we were thinking! Our confidence exceeded our skill, at least it exceeded mine.

We began by moving the concrete and concrete mixer closer to the barn site. Today we begin the pavilion barn. It is 20×36 feet and a little over 14 feet high at the bottom of the truss. We set our batter boards a week ago but measured everything again to make sure it was all square before we began digging for our posts.

The measuring and squaring everything up took a couple of hours. We just kept measuring and moving things until we had it all square. Jamey ran the tractor and auger while I made sure the auger was level and plumb as he drilled each post hole.

The auger makes quick work of digging the post holes! Next we used a sling to maneuver the posts into place. Jamey drove the tractor and I helped position the posts as he dropped them. Then we moved on to making sure the posts were level and square.

It was an exhausting weekend full of work. Sleep is never better after you’ve sweated all day and worked til you can work no more! No rest for this weary crew though- we still have the top band to put on and the equipment barn to build!

Jamey bought this “basket” to go on the forks of the tractor. He intended to use it as a lift so he could safely reach the top of the posts to install the band board. I think it will make a great berry picking basket. Just imagine it! Jamey can lower me right over the middle of the blackberries and when I have picked them all we can move to the next patch! It will be perfect! We haven’t tried it yet, but I have picked a few berries the old fashioned way this week!


I consider myself a beginner on the tractor- especially with the lifting mechanisms. I am not a smooth operator at all! Thankfully Jamey had on a safety harness and the basket was chained to the forks. This is not a job for the faint of heart- his life was literally in my hands. Noah was much better at operating the lifting mechanisms so he operated that and I drove the tractor. It was a very stressful day. Scary but successful. Maybe picking berries in the basket is not such a great idea after all!

So every evening we head out after our paying jobs to work at the farm until dark.

The equipment barn went much smoother than the pavilion. I credit it to having the experience of doing the pavilion first. Perks of working in the evening are the shade provided in the field and we can only work 5-6 hours before it is too dark.

I’m always so impressed with Jamey’s ability to envision, plan, draw, and build whatever crazy idea I come up with!

The trusses were delivered and we set to work painting them Alabaster White- this will be our theme color for all of our buildings on the farm. We will use a dark metal roof for all the buildings as well. I love the warmth of Alabaster White!

The trusses for the pavilion.
Jamey spraying the trusses
The purlins- all 50 painted Alabaster White.


I’ll leave you with this video update:



I’ve been too busy to write much, so I have lots of updating to do! This weekend is our final stretch of long hours- we have equipment rented and help is on the way too!

  • Isaiah 40:31 (NIV)

    but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

  • Proverbs 30:5 (NIV)

    “Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.

  • Psalms 5:11 (NIV)

    But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in you.

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Sanctuary Ridge Faith Stories

Walking in Faith

The featured photos are of Jamey and I on a 3 hour hike last year and another photo of my dear friend Renae and I painting the ceilings at the mission house in Belize.


God has been so good to me! On May 16, 2016 I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. A nerve complication after breaking my foot on April 1 and tearing ligaments. Look it up. It will terrify you. Extreme cases even have their affected limb amputated. The doctor used words like chronic, lifelong issues. But you see my God is bigger! Here I am walking with NO pain! And I never took anything stronger than Aleve! My foot is healed! And I know it was a God thing!

I missed ONE step! Just one step.

I was carrying a chair down 3 steps to finish setting up for Noah’s birthday party in 2016. I had never broken a bone, but when I fell I immediately knew something was wrong. I was misdiagnosed at the emergency room and sent home. The following Monday I was sent to a specialist who confirmed my foot was broken. Over the next few weeks I went for a weekly x-ray and check up. I kept telling my doctor that my foot was still swelling and painful. He said it was normal. He didn’t realize the seriousness of my complaint until 8 weeks later when my foot still looked like this:


I reached out asking everyone I knew to pray: Please pray. This is what I’m dealing with. Along with tingling, numbness and shooting pains every single time I get up and move around. It’s hard to describe. I just want to be better. I believe in The healing power through the blood of Jesus. There is nothing He can’t do!

I began physical therapy. There was concern that I might not be able to walk due to the numbness in my foot. I prayed for healing and believed for it too. Within four weeks I was walking a mile every day! The therapists and doctors were amazed.

Last spring I spent several days standing on my tiptoes painting a mission house in Belize. No pain, no swelling! I can run and jump! My foot is healed! To God be all the Glory! I am so thankful for every step I take!

Jamey and I on a 3 hour hike on Lookout Mountain!
  • Psalms 6:2 (NIV)

    Have mercy on me, Lord, for I am faint; heal me, Lord, for my bones are in agony.

  • Luke 10:9 (NIV)

    Heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’

  • Psalms 147:3 (NIV)

    He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

I am so thankful for the healing power of God! What areas of your life are you seeking healing in? God is able to heal you physically, mentally, and spiritually. Pray, seek and believe!


  • Psalms 145:3 (NIV)

    Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom.

  • Psalms 105:2 (NIV)

    Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.

  • Psalms 145:6 (NIV)

    They tell of the power of your awesome works— and I will proclaim your great deeds.

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Sanctuary Ridge Adventures in Camping

Wild West Trip Part 8


Moab, Utah

Moab is such a quaint little town!

The town is full of little restaurants, hotels, and campgrounds. While we try to eat most of our meals at our campsite, we did eat at a couple of local places.  Pasta Jay’s was a delightful little Italian restaurant! ( We also dined at the Moab Diner where we enjoyed a burger, fries, and milkshake. (

Meal Planning for our Wild West Trip

Candi and I planned all our meals in advance for the trip. We spent one day shopping and cooking all the chicken/ground beef we would need for quick, delicious meals. It didn’t take long to prepare. This provided healthy, cost effective meals for our family. We took turns preparing dinner each night for our group so we both didn’t have to cook every night. For more information on meal prep, check out this post: We prepared 19 meals for under $6 per family dinner! And we ended up with several extra meals to enjoy when we returned home. That’s a tremendous savings compared to dining out!

We each planned our own breakfast and lunches according to what our family likes. Most of our lunches were picnics at whatever park we were visiting that day. We also plan picnic lunch for our travel days because it is nearly impossible to find a restaurant with room to park the rv. If we are traveling through a city where there are no rest areas, we will find a Walmart, Lowes or Home Depot to park at while we eat our lunch and take a bathroom break.


Last Day in Moab

On our last day in Moab, we played cards and went swimming at The Portal Rv Resort. The most surprising thing about this trip is our lack of down time. We usually play games and visit with our friends or family a lot more than we did on this trip. Our days were so long and we were completely exhausted from our explorations each day. Traveling can really take a toll on you both physically and emotionally. Our plan to go hiking in Arches National Park never happened. Jonathan and his crew managed it, but Jamey and I were just too sick to go. Our friend Teresa reminded us of the importance of staying hydrated, using nasal spray (because we are not used to the dryness of the desert air) and resting as much as possible. It’s a fine balance for sure!

One last sunset in lovely little Moab. Until next time!



Sunset from Portal Rv Resort, Moab, Utah

Here are some of my favorite moments from our Wild West Trip!


Fantastic family adventure! We can’t wait to go back!

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Sanctuary Ridge Adventures in Camping

Wild West Trip Part 7


Natural Bridges National Monument

A two hour drive from our home base in Moab, is the Natural Bridges National Monument. We stopped at the visitors center for some tips on hiking in the park. There is NO cell service here, so it is crucial to get a map and stay on the trails. The boys were especially excited about this day because of the planned hike. They even learned what a payphone is! I volunteered to stay with Cole, since he can’t navigate the ladders required on the hike and that way Candi could go with the boys. Let’s face it, the reality is my fear of heights had a tremendous affect on my decision. Plus I love hanging out with my buddy, Cole! We enjoyed the views from all the overlooks. Here is more information about Natural Bridges National Monument:

We read a book together and had snacks while we waited on everyone. If I remember correctly, the hike was around 2 hours. I was relieved when they finally made it back! They loved it! Everyone agreed it was the best hike on the trip and they would definitely do it again.

On this hike, they walked to the edge and climbed down stick ladders. They hiked and climbed all the way into the valley where the Natural Bridges can be seen along the path. There was a creek in the bottom too! I love the pictures they took along the way! It looks like so much fun!

After a great day of exploring and learning all about Natural Bridges, we headed back to Moab for dinner and a swim.

Tomorrow we will explore the town of Moab and enjoy a day by the pool before we begin the long journey back to Tennessee!

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Sanctuary Ridge Adventures in Camping

Wild West Trip Part 6

Arches National Park
Yay! Arches National Park!

Arches National Park

This morning Jamey woke up sick. The altitude, desert heat and long day yesterday finally caught up with him. I wasn’t feeling well either, but he was really sick. I thought we should just stay at the camper and rest in hopes that by doing that now, we could just pick back up tomorrow with our plans. He insisted we go on and try, so he took some sinus medicine and off we went.

I let my brother know that we would probably end up going back to the campground early and they could just go on without us. Steve and Teresa were planning to join us at the park later. So we split up planning to just each see what we could for the day.

Jamey ended up feeling better, thanks to the sinus medicine. Right around the time he was feeling better, Steve and Teresa made it to the park wanting to meet up with everyone for our picnic lunch. We continued on from there, exploring as much of the park as we could. We still had one more day planned for Arches National Park so we were saving the hikes for day two.

Arches National Park lives up to its name! Here is more information about the park:

There are lots of hikes to choose from here! My favorite place to explore was this area where you walked through a narrow place between the rocks. The area had an arch, places for kids to easily climb rocks and a shady place to play in the sand. Lots of families were there with picnic blankets, sand pails, and shovels. It would be a great place to spend a whole day if you had time!

I believe Arches National Park is one of those places you could visit multiple times and still not see everything. Most of the places we went today were easily accessible. The sheer number of arches and rock formations made this an experience of a lifetime!

Two more full days  in Moab and then we head home!

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Sanctuary Ridge Adventures in Camping

Wild West Trip Part 5


Mesa Arch Sunrise
One of the most sought after arch photos is the Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park and this is why.

There is such diversity and beauty everywhere! It’s what I love most about traveling and exploring new places. Experiencing the Moab area is something I will treasure forever!

Canyonlands National Park

Our group of 9 crawled out of bed around 4am to head to the iconic Mesa Arch so we could attempt to capture the sunrise. This is a very popular place to capture sunrise through an arch! When we arrived, the parking lot was almost full. We headed down the little trail toward Mesa Arch with lots of other people. There was a hushed silence among the nearly 100 people gathered to get a photo that morning. We were really amazed at how many people were there! It was a little sad to me that everyone was crammed all along the arch because it made it so difficult to actually get a photo of the sunrise THROUGH the arch.

It’s really something else, isn’t it!

We continued on to see some of the other view points in Canyonlands, before heading to Dead Horse Point State Park. We planned to go check out that park and then head back to Canyonlands to have a picnic.

Dead Horse Point State Park

The legend of Dead Horse Point tells that cowboys used the point to corral wild Mustangs, blocking the only exit with brush they gathered. They would choose the horses they wanted and let the others go. Legend has it that one time, for an unknown reason, the horses were left there, where they died of thirst overlooking the Colorado River in the valley just below the point.

Ya’ll, to me this place rivals the Grand Canyon! The views are striking- the Colorado River carved into the valley below. You can see forever. I was incredibly impressed with the views here!

Please take note of the dirt roads in the valley. Do you see those tiny dirt roads in the pictures? Those are the roads in Shafer Canyon. We didn’t know what kind of crazy adventure we were getting ready to embark on, or that it was even a possibility to drive those roads in Shafer Canyon. The road that winds around the base of Dead Horse Point? Just take a closer look at the pictures above. What happened next was the highlight of the trip according to my husband. I think it’s probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever agreed to do.

Back at Canyonlands National Park

When you start the day at 4 am, you have lots of time to explore! Since we wanted to see more of Canyonlands, and it is just a few miles from Dead Horse State Park, we headed back to the informations center and picnic area to enjoy a delicious lunch with our group.

While we were at the visitors center, the guys talked with a park ranger who told them about the Shafer Canyon Road. He insisted that you must have a four wheel drive vehicle, plenty of fuel, and good brakes to attempt driving this dirt road. There is an overlook at Canyonlands NP called Island in the Sky. It is sheer drop offs around three sides of the “island” and directly below these sheer drop offs is the Shafer Canyon Road. This is the road I mentioned earlier from the pictures at Dead Horse Point State Park. Here is a link with more information about the Shafer Canyon Road:


Island In The Sky, Canyonlands National Park
Remarkable viewing point at the end of this little trail!

Shafer Canyon Road and Potash Road

We went to the head of the Shafer Canyon road to look at the map and decide if we wanted to attempt it. I was terrified, but willing to do it if the whole group wanted to go. We had the biggest, heaviest vehicle so we led the way. We drive a Chevy 3500 dually. Apparently everyone thought if we could make it then they would make it too. I didn’t take any pictures as we traveled down the very narrow, winding road along the bluffs. There was no place to turn around. We were committed once we began, unless something happened in which case we would need a rescue vehicle to help us. We passed a couple of other vehicles. They all stopped us to ask if we were sure we wanted to try it. They were coming up. Their comments made me even more nervous. Another family followed us down so we had a caravan of 4 four wheel drive vehicles.

I’ve never been so scared. I prayed and sang hymns all the way down as I clung to my door handle. At a couple of turns, Jamey had to make a six point turn just to get through the hairpin curves. There was one hairpin curve where neither of us could even see the road. Noah and I were both ecstatic to reach the canyon basin.

I took this video as we neared the bottom of the canyon. The scariest part of the drive was over:

Here are some pictures as we entered the basin and as we drove through the Shafer Canyon basin along the dirt road. We took the shorter route, turning onto Potash Road. The total drive of 17 miles took us a little over two hours. I would do the drive through the canyon again, only starting from Potash Road and turn around before driving up the canyon wall. The drive through the basin was really cool, especially since we could reference where we were based on what we had seen from Canyonlands and Dead Horse Point State Park.

Potash Road ends near Moab. We drove along the Colorado River where we saw more Petroglyphs and trails to explore but we continued driving because we were pretty exhausted! A delicious dinner of  Easy Tuscan Chicken Pasta ( back at The Portal RV Resort completed our day. Tomorrow we head to Arches National Park!

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Sanctuary Ridge Adventures in Camping

The Wild West Trip Part 4


The Road to Moab
The Road to Moab

The Road to Moab

The Road to Moab from Bluff, Utah is surrounded by stunning landscapes. Lakes, Snowcapped Mountains, Deserts and Buttes along the 2 hour stretch of highway. Once again, there are several places to stop along the way, including The Hole in the Rock. The photo above was taken while we were stopped on the highway for some roadwork. Here are some other photos from along the route.

Our itinerary in Moab is intense! We stayed at The Portal Rv Resort:

This is a full hook-up resort with a nice pool and gorgeous views. They also have vacation homes for rent if you have friends who want to visit Moab but not camp. The full hook-up sites are $59 per night. There are several other campgrounds in Moab and they probably all have a view of some sort. Our friends, Steve and Teresa, recommended this rv resort. We highly recommend it too!

Slick Rock

After we set up camp and caught up with our friends, we headed out to watch the sunset at Slick Rock. This is a world famous mountain bike trail. Moab is a hub for all things outdoors. There are public lands with trails everywhere. You can go off-road with your 4×4 vehicle, rent an ATV or Jeep, ride motorcycles or mountain bike. If you prefer hiking, there are tons of trails for that too! It is HIGHLY recommended to pay for a guide if you decide to do mountain biking here. It can be quite dangerous if you are not familiar with the area. If you want to check out some history of Slick Rock and see some great video of the area, check this out:

We hiked out to an area that is popular for watching the sunset. All around us were dirt bikes, mountain bikes and other families hiking. The terrain is literally like a moonscape. Smooth rock with craters everywhere! The trail is painted on the rock with white lines so it’s pretty easy to follow. It was an easy hike, even my nephew Cole was able to do it. We just stopped along the way to let him rest. That kid is my hero! He loves a good adventure and brings joy to everyone he meets! I love our family picture from Slick Rock- its one of my favorite group shots from our trip west.

You can do research and have a tentative plan when you take trips like this, but please be flexible. Take time to talk to locals and get recommendations. This was not one of our “must see” destinations, but it was really neat and I am so glad Steve and Teresa suggested we check it out! It’s a quick 10-15 minute drive from the campground.

Moab is such a quaint little town! If I had to pick one place to go in Utah, this would be it! There is no place quite like it. Over the next few days I will share each park we visited while we stayed in Moab. This place should be on everyone’s “bucket list”!


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Sanctuary Ridge Adventures in Camping

The Wild West Trip Part 3


Just a short 2 1/2 hour drive from the campground at Lake Powell is the quaint little town  of Bluff, Utah. My brother had visited Bluff while on a job and really loved the area. He insisted that this be one of our stops and I’m so glad he shared this little piece of heaven with us!

We stayed at Coral Sands RV resort- it was nice enough. We only slept there so I can’t really tell you much about it! As soon as we had our campers set up, we headed out to see the Petroglyphs at Sand Island, along the San Juan River. Having read about these, it was really cool to see them in person. You can actually get pretty close to them! The Sand Island Petroglyphs are on the National Register of Historic Places. You can read more about the Petroglyphs here :

When you are trying to pack in as much sightseeing as possible, you make the most of every moment! After moving campsites and viewing the petroglyphs, we packed a picnic dinner and headed out to drive through the Valley of the Gods, which is a scenic sandstone valley in Mexican Hat, Utah. It’s a short drive from the campground. What a unique treasure this is! You just turn off the main highway onto a dirt road and drive through an amazing landscape. It was almost like going on a treasure hunt, and around each bend in the road, just over the next hill, was another unbelievable view!

As we planned the trip, my brother told us about this road he really wanted to take us on: The Moki Dugway. Since I research everything, I soon discovered that this road is considered one of the most dangerous roads in the United States. Here is one resource I found if you want to read more about it: I learned to drive the “W” road so I felt pretty confident that I could handle it. It consists of hairpin turns but has NO guardrails. As soon as we finished driving through the Valley of the gods, we headed for the Moki Dugway. I was prepared to close my eyes and be terrified. The views from the top were really amazing! We passed other vehicles on the narrow road, but over all it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. We turned around at the top and headed back down, trying to make it back to the Valley of the gods to drive through the valley again and have a picnic dinner at sunset.

We headed back into the Valley of the gods for a fun family game of Bocce Ball in the desert. We enjoyed a delicious picnic dinner of Bacon Avocado Chicken Salad as the sun set in the valley. It was a beautiful end to a pretty perfect day!

I’m not going to lie, I was so completely exhausted by the end of this day! It was so much fun and even now I would love to drive back into this valley! This is one of the public lands that you can boon dock on but it would be difficult to get our camper into this place- some of the hills were straight up and down. A 30 foot might be the maximum I would recommend if you wanted to stay overnight here- no bathrooms, water or electricity. You just basically pick a spot to pull off the road and set up camp! I’m sure the stars are amazing out here at night!

After enjoying a good night’s sleep, we prepared to drive to Moab! This is what we came for! What an amazing adventure we’ve already had on this trip!

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Sanctuary Ridge Adventures in Camping

The Wild West Trip Part 2

     Lake Powell, Page, Arizona

When we go back, I want to stay at Lake Powell for at least a week! The pictures don’t even come close to the immensely stunning scenes here. As we planned our trip, we all agreed that we wanted to at least see Lake Powell. We decided to make it our home base for 3 days. From here, we could drive to the North Rim Grand Canyon for the day, see some slot canyons, and explore the lake. This place did not disappoint!

We stayed at Lake Powell Resort campground.

The views at this campground are unbelievable! So, so pretty! The marina rents a variety of boats so you can go explore the lake. This was something we splurged on and I am so glad we did! It was the best day. The only negative was checking in to get the boat took a long time and then checking the boat back in at the end of the day took a very long time. I would still rent a boat if you can but just know that it takes a while to get it and be prepared to stay a while when you bring it back.

The marina provides a map so you won’t get lost. The lake is far too big to explore the whole thing in one day, probably even 2-3 days wouldn’t be long enough. The only way to do that would be to rent a houseboat. What fun that would be!

Roadside Stops:

The views on the drive from Page, AZ to the North Rim are just beautiful! There are several places to stop along the way and see cool rock formations. We had a great time at this little roadside stop. 

Before we pulled out of Page, AZ, we went to check out the museum at the Glen Canyon Dam. I love museums! This is a very small museum- it requires less than an hour of your time and you can get some great photos of the Glen Canyon Dam while you are there. The history of the dam and the surrounding area are very family friendly!

 There is so much more to explore in the area than we had time for so we will just have to go again!

Tomorrow I will share about our next stop on the Wild West Trip- Bluff, Utah!

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Sanctuary Ridge Adventures in Camping

The Wild West Trip Part 1

Mesa Arch at Sunrise, June 2019, Canyonlands National Park

I think one of the amazing things about living in the United States is the diversity of our land. As an avid camping family, it has long been a dream of ours to take the iconic “trip out West”. I can not even begin to tell you how much time I spent planning this trip! Between the input of our dear friends (who have made the trip multiple times and had great tips for us) and the input of my brother/sister, we had the road trip of a lifetime! There is no possible way I can put everything in one single post so I am going to break the trip down into destinations and I will link places we stayed along with parks we visited. It was amazing. Truly. Everyone should go!

5 Things You Must Do When Planning a Wild West Trip:

  1. Decide how far you want to go and then use Roadtrippers App to map possible routes.
  2. Pick realistic goals- there is no way you can see everything in Utah, Colorado, and Arizona in two weeks. Pick your top places to see but give yourself time to recover too. The altitude and heat can really affect you! There were 2-3 days that my husband really felt miserable because we pushed too hard trying to see everything. In the end, I wished we had planned more down time. And we ended up doing more than we had planned on some days just because we felt like it and we had time. That’s ok too! Either way it will be amazing so just go with the flow!
  3. Plan to reserve campsites at least 6 months ahead because the campgrounds will be full if you wait!
  4. If you are visiting multiple National Parks research the National Parks Pass! It saved us a lot of $$ as most of the National Parks have entrance fees!
  5. Plan age appropriate hikes/activities. There really is something for everyone!

Here is the link to our Roadtrippers Map:

Moab Trip Map

On the Road…

We headed West from Chattanooga, TN on a Thursday afternoon with my brother and his family. Our friends, Steve and Teresa would drive out a few days later and meet us in Moab. We drove to Little Rock, Arkansas. We boon docked overnight in a Cracker Barrel Parking lot. This was our first attempt at boon docking. It was a good experience, really easy to park and there were several other RV’s staying overnight. If you plan to boon dock, make sure to fill your freshwater tank and bring a generator if your RV is not equipped with one.

The next morning we headed further West, driving through Arkansas, Oklahoma and part of Texas. We stopped in Amarillo, Texas for the night. (Along the way, we viewed some of the historic flooding that was taking place along the Mississippi River. One of the campgrounds we had booked for the trip home had already cancelled our reservation due to flooding.) Our third, and final, long day of driving took us through the remainder of Texas and through New Mexico to the first National Park on our parks list.

Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park is a unique park indeed. You really have to see it to believe it! Based on the recommendation of our friends, Steve and Teresa, we spend one day/night at Mesa Verde National Park before heading on to our next destination. We didn’t plan on doing any of the hikes at Mesa Verde because I am terrified of heights and my nephew is unable to climb the ladders required on the hikes here. We drove to the overlooks and walked down some of the trails but we didn’t attempt to do a tour where they take you to the cliff dwellings. I still can’t believe people lived in these cliff dwellings! Just imagine what it was like to have a toddler living there! It’s terrifying and it’s amazing!

We stayed at Mesa Verde National Park Campground. It was a beautiful campground, teeming with wildlife!

Our next destination was my favorite! Check back tomorrow for a continuation of our Wild West Trip!

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