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Hold on to Your Faith

Hold on to your Faith

  I’m going to share part of my testimony. Believe me it’s a small part as I have had the pleasure of being a first hand witness to many, many miracles in my life. I may sound crazy but I don’t care. It’s all true and I am crazy for my God!

After I had my daughter Madison Scott, almost 22 years ago, I was having some terrible pain, excruciating pain. I went to the ER on 3 different occasions. After running some tests the Dr decided I had gallstones. Now I know this is really common. Understand, I couldn’t eat any form of salad, broccoli, beans, not anything spicy. I felt like I was going to die if I did. So I was scheduled to have surgery. Nothing major, but my gallbladder had to be removed. I was terrified. So the Sunday before my pre op appointment I felt an urgency to pray. Go to the Altar at church and pray. So I did. When our pastor opened the alter for prayer at the end of the service, I marched myself down to that altar and prayed. I asked God to heal me. To give me peace. And I knew God had touched me- that I had been healed immediately. On our way home from church I asked Jamey who had prayed with me. I knew someone had laid hands on me- touched the very spot that had been causing all the pain. I felt a burning sensation in the very location of my pain as I prayed. I wanted to know who had been praying with me. My husband had been sitting in the sanctuary, holding our baby girl. He said, “No one prayed with you!” WHAT!!! He said positively no one came over to pray with me. No one had laid hands on me!
So the next day we go to the Dr. for my pre-op appointment and I told him what had happened at church and that had I decided wasn’t having the surgery. I was healed. He thought I was crazy. He became very agitated. He told me that I was going to die. But ok, he says, lets run that test again and see if the problem is still there. I agreed to have the tests done. I went home and ate salad- no pain! I ate broccoli with my dinner- no pain! But then I went for the tests and the Dr told me I wasn’t healed, that I still needed surgery. Against all my family, my husband and the Dr’s advice, I believed I was healed. I told them I am not having the surgery. And I didn’t.

I can’t remember the Dr’s name but I would love to tell him he was wrong- the tests were wrong! That was 22 years ago. Not a huge deal because people have surgery all the time. It was a huge deal to me! I can tell you there is nothing I can’t eat! I have never had any issues since that day when God touched me! Praise the Lord! Sometimes you have to believe God for even the small things in your life- don’t just go to HIM for the “big” but also trust HIM with the small things! And when HE tells you something don’t let that doubt creep in. Stand Firm! He is Sovereign! I could tell you more stories of faith and healing. So many more! But for some reason God wanted me to share this today! I am still waiting on some of my prayers to be answered and some days I really struggle to believe that God’s plan is better than mine. But I BELIEVE! I will continue to trust HIM in all things! IF you ever need prayer leave a comment cause I know that God answers prayers!

  • Matthew 9:22 (NIV)Jesus turned and saw her. “Take heart, daughter,” he said, “your faith has healed you.” And the woman was healed at that moment.
  • Luke 17:19 (NIV)Then he said to him, “Rise and go; your faith has made you well.”

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