Sanctuary Ridge Adventures in Farming

Henry’s Restoration Part 2

Admiring Henry

Every where we go, people come to have a look at Henry. At the Ag Central Co-Op in Decatur, farmers new and old gather ’round reminiscing the times when tractors were simple machines, plowing fields in rural America. Everyone has a story to share! More often than not, farmers want to know why in the world Jamey would spend money on rusty old Henry. His reply, “Because my wife loves it”. I think he hates to admit how much he loves it too. Just look at that smile!

The installation of new tires went smoothly! We picked Henry up from the Co-Op and headed back to Ooltewah.

Jamey finished installing the 3 point lever (at some point it broke and a pair of vice grips was used in its place) and the new steering wheel! We are ready to head to Signal Mountain to pick up the bush hog! I’ll update when that is complete!

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