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Henry’s Restoration Part 1

Henry’s Grill

Although Henry was stored in a pole barn on my grandparents property, the years of exposure to the elements have taken a toll on the old Ford. He is structurally sound but in need of a little TLC. Jamey quickly developed a plan to replace the electrical components, including the battery. As with most projects like this, one thing leads to another and, before you know what has happened, you end up with a long list of must haves! A new gas tank was necessary due to corrosion on the inside of the old tank. A new Fuel Line, sediment bowl, filter, carburetor, Spark Plugs and Plug Wires, distributor cap, rotor button, single wire alternator, starter, head lights, wiring, gages, ignition switch, and draft assembly handle- whew, what a list!

Thankfully, Jamey loves to “tinker” and is a whiz at problem solving so to say he has enjoyed this project is a vast understatement! When he cranked Henry up today, he was all smiles!

There are a few more things left to do: new rear tires, new steering wheel, bearings and brakes. When those are completed we can drive back to Signal Mountain to pick up the bush hog and finally take Henry to his new home on Sanctuary Ridge Farm! Henry’s Restoration Pt.2 coming soon! Stay tuned!

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