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The Big Day!

View from future Gathering Barn

Today is the Big Day! It’s closing day! We’ve had a lot of delays and even today doesn’t quite look like we thought it would. The last time we were on the property was Feb.16th. Since then, we’ve face a family emergency and now sickness. We are closing “remotely” today due to the Corona virus restrictions. Basically that means that we printed the documents the title company emailed us, signed, scanned and sent them back. The funds for the purchase have been sent. The sellers signed their documents and had them notarized, so it’s officially ours now! Our amazing realtor is going to deliver the keys for the gate access. With the new restrictions we thought this would all be delayed again. We submitted our first offer on Feb. 1 and were under contract to purchase on Feb.3; set for closing on Feb.20, so we are finally closing one month later! Now the real fun begins!

Jamey has already purchased solar panels and designed a system to provide power for our future farm buildings. This is more complicated than I imagined! We’ve become very familiar with online auctions over the last month as we have been researching and planning. The solar panels he purchased from auction are a fraction of the normal cost, yet they are brand new. Since the auction company is located in Fort Worth, Texas, Jamey arranged to have them shipped and we hope they will arrive in the next few days. We will provide an in depth look at solar energy systems for those who are interested.

Jamey designed this storage barn for some of our farm equipment and our rv storage. We have decided to use a metal barn for the farm equipment barn that will be located in the center field. Right now we have eleven acres cleared, each separated by some forest and the lower two separated by forest and a creek. We plan on fencing and expanding the fields in the next few months. Hopefully we will be successful in creating a beautiful pond in one of several locations we discovered in our feasibility study. We also plan to use a spring to pipe water to the future “cattle field” to provide clean water for the animals. It’s going to be a lot of work to get everything ready! We are hoping for a break in the rain soon!

It’s Official!

We look forward to the warmer days ahead! Celebrate with us by posting a comment- what is your favorite farm animal?

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