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Henry’s Ride

Dad loading Henry on the trailer.

After two trips to Signal Mountain to work on Henry, Dad and Jamey succeeded in starting the old Ford tractor. They had to connect a make shift gas tank and battery, and clean some other vital parts. Since we are in the coldest winter month, Jamey wanted to take Henry to our house in Ooltewah where he can work on replacing some parts and cleaning up the others in the shelter of his workshop.

We made it to Ooltewah! Notice the new front tires!

It’s amazing that this 68 year old machine is still running! Not only that, but I am also amazed that parts for this old engine are still readily available. Since my dad had already done some work to the tractor when he inherited it, Jamey will need to do some minor work before Henry is ready to go back to work. Replacing the tires, the gas tank, battery, and most of the wiring will have Henry back in tip top shape!

Jamey explains some of the project…

Jamey went right to work, taking the hood off and dismantling the front grill. He also took the front wheels to the farm co-op to have the tires replaced. When he finishes putting Henry back together Jamey will return to the co-op to have the rear tires replaced. I’ll keep you posted on the progress…

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