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Meet Henry

One thing every farm needs is a tractor, right? What kind of tractor you get depends on what kind of work you will be doing. Those details help determine the engine size needed and the implements (or attachments) you will need. We decided to start with my Grandpa’s old Ford Tractor. My dad is letting us use it for the farm. So let me introduce you to “Henry”.

Introducing “Henry”

Henry is a 1952 model 8N Ford Tractor. My Great Grandparents had 5 acres and split the land with my Grandpa. They used the timber from the property to build their homes. I never knew my Great-Grandpa Brock but Great Grandma lived in their house until shortly before she passed away. My Grandma Brock lived in the house she and Grandpa built until she was 97! My Grandpa Brock purchased the used tractor at a tractor sale in Sale Creek, Tennessee. He utilized the tractor to bush-hog their properties and to plow his garden potatoes. There’s nothing quite like a fresh garden potato fried into “home fries”. I remember helping my Papa, my other grandfather, pick up potatoes with my cousins as we walked behind the tractor. The plow would turn the dirt and we would gather the potatoes in baskets. I always loved helping Papa in the garden!

Since Henry is 68 years old and hasn’t been used much in the last few years, he has gotten a little rusty. We are undecided on re-painting Henry or leaving the rusty patina, which is growing on us.

Jamey has plans to re-wire, replace some parts and have new tires installed. We are excited to have my Grandpa’s tractor to bush-hog since we already have around 11 acres that need to be cut. I’ll update as things progress!

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