Sanctuary Ridge Faith Stories

Choosing Victory

Light outshines the darkness!

You have a choice to be a victim or look at your situation as a victory! Even when bad things happen in your life. Think about it! God did not keep the thing hidden in the darkness but brought it into the light. How far, how bad would it have been if it stayed in darkness? God is faithful! He has protected you and the ones you love from devastation and has answered your prayers for protection. Yes, we all make bad choices. That is part of our free will. Yet He brought the darkness into light. God will keep His promises! His Word is true! Don’t live in darkness, step into the light and be thankful! Your perspective can change your situation. Worship God for what He has done and for what He is doing! It is Gods perfect work and He is not finished! Praising God for this reminder today! Start choosing Victory!

When Jesus died on the cross, He wasn’t sleeping. He was battling the worst darkness we could ever face, overcoming all the forces of darkness that come against us. Satan wants us to believe the lie that he wins but JESUS won it all. HE was claiming victory for us all. He died AND rose again! He is with you, even now. You are not alone!

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